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*Attention All Men and Women Interested in the Armed Forces*

Due to the recient attack on the American Embasy in Iraq, President Clinton has issued a formal statement today saying that she will increase American troop presence in Iraq by 60% over the next few months. All men and womem old enough to enlist, who are interested in the Armed Forces are urged to join as this crisis unfolds. These Iraqi Insurgents have set the stage for full conflict in the Middle East which is the last thing the American Government does not want. Reports have been brought forth that China may also enter the conflict, details are still sketchy as to their intentions. At this time in our lives we need not take for granted the freedoms we have today, for they may vanish tomorrow. Stand up and be counted for Soldier, your time of glory has come. To serve the peoples of the world, and to honor your country, the time to fight is now!

If you are interested in organized team play on a massive scale, look no futhur. Whether you wish to fight for freedom and democracy in the Middle east, or push the invading Infidels out of your birth land, Modern Warfare, a Battlefield 2 Tournament, offers you both. From the Gulf of Oman, to the Skies over Iraq, fight along side the men and women of the 2nd Marine Corps or the 1st Republican Guard in order to achive your objective. Modern Warfare incorporates an up-to-date ranking system that corisponds with each Division. Work your way up from Private to an Officer, or if you are one of those determined types, the sky is the limit.

Modern Warfare, bringing the war in the middle east straight to your computer.


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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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